Brothers in spirit, sisters in rage:
Carly: an Ohioan folk punk nerd feminist and all around (wannabe) badass currently living in the east bay.
Just another boring white girl who:
likes to read, travel, paint, engage in activism, learn, laugh, and hang out with her dog, Taco, and her boyfriend, Grant.
BGSU alumni/SFSU grad student.
Apparently now writes in third person.

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My face. // Personal. // My boyfriend.

This blog posts about: news/activism/fucked up shit, animals books, art, my dog, Prague, and my boring life.

"I'll call you on your shit, please call me on mine. Then we can grow together, and make this shit-hole planet better in time."
Faraway friends 💃✈️👯 @feminist_pizza @mariahbuns

Faraway friends 💃✈️👯 @feminist_pizza @mariahbuns

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3 weeks to get everything done = stressful

BUT on the other hand, I will be done in 3 weeks


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My babies <3

Dith Ashworth

im gonna cry cammie

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The fire alarm is going off at the hotel next door and it’s so annoying. I’m p sure there’s not a fire tho.

I just want to sleeeeep

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